Okfuskee Farm is located in an agricultural area called Silk Hope, 8 miles from Siler City and 14 miles from Pittsboro, in Chatham County, NC. We purchased it on auction through Jerry Harris Auctions in June 2008. It was previously owned by the late Mildred Fields, described by all as a Saint.  We did not have the privelege of knowing Ms. Fields but based on the early success of our farm we believe her spirit lives on in this place we now call Okfuskee.

Our farm is based on permaculture and agroecological principles, including ecological site planning, water-focused design, bio-diverse and integrated livestock farming, no-till organic vegetable production, and agroforestry; all with a goal towards local sustainability. Basically it is a 20 acre research project with the philosophy that "anything worth doing, is worth doing wrong...the first time."

The name Okfuskee was inspired by the Okfuskee County, Oklahoma birth place of Woodie Guthrie, an American folk hero.